Love at Home Depot?


Okay, let’s get right to it.
I have been single for the past year. Alright, I dated someone for 2 months in that time but I’m opting to not include that as an actual ‘relationship’. Two months hardly qualifies. I’m allowed to make up my own rules.

I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m actually surprised that I’m still single. Come on! All of you single ladies out there, you know what I’m talkin’ about. You feel the exact same way.
I’ve been told I’m being way too picky. They’re absolutely right and that isn’t about to change either. We should never settle. Ever. That would be pointless.

I have been on and off of the dating scene since my divorce 6 years ago and let me tell you, I could write a whole book on that alone!

Yes, I have been on various online dating sites. Been matched up and set up. I’m completely open minded to trying new ways to meet someone. Trust me, I have done it all including what the magazine articles of ‘Where to Find Love’ suggest, going to grocery stores, hardware stores and the gym. That’s apparently where we need to be ladies.
So I’m there nonchalantly glancing at the only attractive guy shopping, is he single or is he not? Trying to get a glimpse of his ring finger while I’m picking out ripe fruit in the produce section. Or I’m suddenly coming up with home repairs to do and find myself hovering around way longer then normal at the Home Depot picking up new paint brushes or a garden hose. Btw, so many choices. Really, now I can see why guys love that store.

But guess what? Nothing happens. Not one man has ever approached me. Well, that’s not true. A very lovely older man who is a Home Depot employee has. Again, that doesn’t count.
I know what you’re thinking. I have to make the first move and ask that handsome guy shopping to recommend the perfect hammer. Be all like, ‘Since I left my husband I’m having to do all of these home repairs…..’ .
You could possibly have a point. But I still come from a background where ladies get approached and asked out. Well that and the plain awkwardness of it all. Who am I kidding. I’m just too embarrassed to do anything.
Then there’s the gym. Well, I’m not really into the gym muscle type. In shape type, yes. Hercules muscle type, no. I prefer to workout at an all female gym and not share with a bunch of sweaty men. Now when I say it like that, sharing with sweaty men doesn’t sound half bad does it?

They say that you find someone when you least expect it. Let’s just go with that for now. Maybe we will be able to look back and laugh and laugh about our experiences.

Don’t let me forget to tell you about the date with (lets call him Joe) who brought me to Ikea for our first date. Or the one with (lets call him Doug) who on our 2nd date told me he loved me, said his mom wanted to meet me….he’s 35, and between our first date and second date (a few days) he left aproximately 50 messages on my phone. My first and last red flag. To be honest, the second date I agreed to only because I needed to talk to him face to face to end it.
Ahhhhh…..the memories.
Til next time…stay strong all of you beautiful single ladies.



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