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Laura’s Fall Wishlist

Even though I prefer Summer, when Fall rolls around and I see all the new Fall fashion, I can’t help but get excited.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Here are my top picks for Fall…
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1. Classic Tall Ugg Boots in Black – $195

Even though Ugg boots aren’t considered ‘fashionable’, and always top ‘most-hated’ fashion trends for women by men, I still love them. They are so comfy and easy to wear.

2. Fit & Flare Knit Dress by Le Chateau – $99

The perfect little black dress – Every girl needs one.. or 3.

3. Hamilton MK Logo Satchel by MICHAEL Michael Kors – $298

Never can have too many purses. Gotta have it!

4. SINCLAIR Steve Madden Boots in Cognac – $229

Love Steve Madden Boots!


5. Rose Felt Pillow from Chapters – $34

6. Comforter Bubble Bar by Lush – $10

I love absolutely everything at Lush, but this Bubble Bar has always been my favorite.

7. Cardamom Bowl by Crate & Barrel – $85

Did I mention that I have a bowl obsession? This bowl is so purty.

8. Greenwich Grove Tea Set by Kate Spade New York – $59

Did I mention that I also have a teapot obsession?!

What’s on your Fall Wishlist?! Comment & let us know. ๐Ÿ™‚

Laura Xo


7 thoughts on “Laura’s Fall Wishlist

    • Yes, Lush is the best! And Uggs…guys hate them, women love them! I have been wearing my tan pair for years now, so you can imagine just how worn and ‘ugly’ they are looking! But I don’t care, they’re just so easy and comfy! haha

  1. As a man I do have to say,(apart from being a little weird me reading this) you woman are expensive! or maybe not so much, I can afford some of these things for `a girlยดIยดm seeing, but 34 bucks for a pillow? isnยดt that asking too much….hummm, Iยดll prefer to go with the little 10 dollar comforter.
    Stay Frosty girls.

    P.S what was it that Marilyn Monroe said “Diamonds are girls best friends.”?

    • Yes, I admit some of these items are a little expensive… That’s why I have them on a ‘wish list’! haha
      I don’t typically buy extremely pricey clothes, I tend to spend money on key pieces. Such as a great pair of shoes or boots and bags!

      And yes, Marilyn said it best! I’m not a big jewellery girl, however, a diamond would never be turned down.
      Laura ๐Ÿ™‚

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