Surrey Fusion Festival

Tonight we went and checked out the Surrey Fusion Festival, the ultimate celebration of music, food & culture. There were tons of great bands playing all day long, and a variety of tasty food from local vendors.

The main attraction for us was seeing Kyprios & K-OS live on the Main Stage!

Kyprios was up first, and he blew us away. He has such a powerful stage presence, and so much energy, he draws the crowd right in. It was a really chill, feel good, hip hop performance. He also threw down a medley of classic rap/hip hop songs by Snoop Dogg, Wutang Clan, The Roots and Dr.Dre! So cool.

Kyprios Bio:

Kyprios has been a cornerstone for live hip hop since his ‘Mic Tease’ EP dropped in 2000. Pledging to push boundaries of sampled hip hop by utilizing live musicians, Kyp is identified by his fleshed out, full bodied musical style.

Writing songs from the ground up, Kyprios is known for his infectious melodies, thought provoking lyrics and his elaborate live performance. The industry has taken notice through a variety of affirmations: 2 solo Juno nominations, 2 Juno nominations from his time with Sweatshop Union, a Gemini nomination, plus a Jessie and a Betty win from writing music for the theatre in both BC and Calgary.

Kyp has seen both sides of the industry. He was signed to Sony where he released ‘Say Something’ in 2004 and has been independent since 2008, releasing ’12:12′ shortly thereafter.

In 2011, Kyp released a fun song about his beloved Vancouver Canucks entitled ‘How The West Was One’ which propelled him to perform in Rogers arena just prior to the puck being dropped in game one of the Stanley Cup Finals. Kyprios donated all of the songs proceeds to Canuck Place.

Kyp continues to tour and was recently back in the USA promoting his most recent offering ‘The Lap Dog EP’ while headlining with his group The Chaperones.

He has made numerous appearances in television and film and is one of the voices for Michael Jordan’s website Kyp is eagerly anticipating his next release ‘The Midnight Sun.’

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K-OS killed it, and even sang a few of his older, classic hits like Crabbuckit and Man I Used To Be. He also performed a cover of Rihanna’s song ‘Umbrella’!

K-OS Bio:

With over 27,000 singles already sold between “Dog is Mine” and “NYCE 2 KNOW YA”, k-os propels his innovative, provocative, ground-breaking, fearless and incredibly talented reputation by crisscrossing genres and radio formats challenging conventional genres. BLack on BLonde is two slamming records: one album of rock tunes, on which k-os sings and plays drums, guitar and bass, and one album of old-school hip hop jams.

With an impressive history to say the least…he’s twice gone platinum, toured with Drake, recorded with The Chemical Brothers, won a Source award, won multiple JUNO and Much Music Video Awards (with a staggering combined 34 nominations!) and was a 2005 Grammy-nominee, k-os continues to challenge himself and the industry as a whole. “I consider myself to be hip hop’s first alternative/emo-rapper, and now it feels like the game’s finally caught up to me,” says k-os. “It’s my job to take the music to the next level.”